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Jesse Leach is a Brooklyn, NY based musician. He started playing guitar at the age of 9 and was performing original music with his own band by 13. He played his first national tour at age 16 and performed at the Smithsonian Institute as a high schooler. He attended college on a music scholarship. He has toured and recorded as guitarist with groups performing music in diverse styles such as Jazz, Metal, Soul, Hip Hop, and Rock. He toured with the 2013 tour of "Hello, Dolly feat. Sally Struthers" as guitar player and has worked at the Emmy award winning Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in the Electronic Music Program. He has worked as resident club DJ at a number of clubs. He produces electronic and hip hop using the name p.kilmure and has produced songs featured in Time, Huffington Post, Nylon, Death and Taxes, Brokelyn, as well as music for award winning films "Silver Screen Award", "Telly Award". In a addition to music he is the owner of a martial arts school.

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  • Full Music Production (music performance, arranging, beat producing, sampling, etc)
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Audio Engineering/Recording/Tracking
  • Song Writing
  • Music Production Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons

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